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Puppy Mills • Mar 17 2024

Seeking Forever Homes for Rescued Dogs: Meet Minam and Mari

Find out about the journey of Minam and Mari, two dogs rescued from the shadows of puppy mills in Korea.
Puppy Mills • Mar 13 2024

Unveiling the Truth Behind Puppy Mills and Pet Shops in Korea

Uncovering the hidden truths behind puppy mills and pet shops in Korea, the realities of dog breeding and the pet industry's darker sides. Statistics, the growing demand for pets, the questionable origins of pet shop animals, and the cycle that perpetuates this system.
Puppy Mills • Mar 10 2024

Puppy Mills and Dog Meat in Korea

Exploring the complexities of puppy mills in Korea, this blog delves into their role in dog meat consumption, the historical context, legal ambiguities, and the critical need for clearer insights into their operations.