Seeking Forever Homes for Rescued Dogs: Meet Minam and Mari

Find out about the journey of Minam and Mari, two dogs rescued from the shadows of puppy mills in Korea.


Meet Minam and Mari, two resilient souls with a tale of survival amidst the darkness of puppy mills in Korea. Despite their challenging past, they hold onto hope, yearning for a warm and caring family to call their own. This blog sheds light on their journey and the heartfelt plea to find them a forever home.

2 White dogs standing side-by-side
Mari & Minam

Their Story

Originally hailing from puppy mills destined for the dog meat trade, Minam and Mari's fate took a turn when a compassionate lady stumbled upon an illegal dog farm while searching for a factory location. With the help of volunteers, she bravely shut down the despicable operations, rescuing countless innocent lives. Sadly, many larger dogs, like Minam and Mari, struggled to find homes in time and faced an unjust fate. Determined to save them, volunteers decided to provide a sanctuary, renting a place where Minam, Mari, and Ruby found refuge.

Their Current Situation

Today, Minam and Mari still reside in the place that was once a symbol of suffering. Though they spend most of their days in their cages, the dedicated volunteers and the kind lady visit daily, offering them brief moments of freedom for walks and toilet breaks. However, financial constraints have cast a shadow over their sanctuary, leaving them uncertain about their future.

What Are Jindos?

Jindos are traditional Korean dogs known for their loyalty and cleanliness. Despite their confinement, Minam and Mari patiently wait for their walks, embodying the resilience and dignity of their breed.

A cute white dog looking sideways, with a cute face
Minam: The Gentle Soul

Minam: The Gentle Soul

Minam is a gentle soul with a fondness for humans and other dogs. While he thrives on companionship, he still needs guidance in independence and adapting to indoor living.

A bigger white dog with a cute face
Minam: The Gentle Soul

Mari: The Shy Princess

Mari may be shy at first, but her loyalty knows no bounds once she opens up. Accustomed to outdoor life, she faces the challenge of adjusting to a new environment with grace and resilience.

A white dog sunbathing in the sun
Mari: The Shy Princess

A Call to Action

Minam and Mari, like all dogs, deserve a loving family to cherish and be cherished in return. Their journey is a testament to the power of compassion and the transformative impact of love. Connect with us on Instagram or YouTube to learn more about their story and how you can make a difference.


As we share the story of Minam and Mari, we invite you to join us in their quest for a forever home. Together, let's ensure that every dog, regardless of their past, finds the warmth and love they deserve. Contact us for more details, and let's help Minam and Mari embark on their journey to a brighter future.

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YouTube: Minam and Mari's Journey

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