Financial Support

Help us continue our efforts by donating directly or using our affiliate links for your purchases, which contribute financially to our cause.
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Why donations matter?

Discover how your contributions help Tsunfurs mission and help to create lasting impact to those who we help.

Expands our outreach

Your donations help us to broaden our outreach, allowing us to engage more people and bring more attention to our primary issues. With increased awareness and support, we can aim to tackle these problems and progress towards our goals of getting rid of them completely.

We give back

We ensure you that 80% of all donations are sent directly back into the causes we support, while the remaining 20% is used to sustain our operations. This allows us to continue our work effectively and ensure maximum impact from your contributions.

You're supporting certified causes

We carefully select and donate to certified causes that don't just greenwash, but do real life impact. This ensures that everything you donate is not just a contribution but an investment that brings about change.